THE STORIES The Way Jesus’s Light Changes Us

Becky Herrington

The Way Jesus’s Light Changes Us

Most Christians know the story of the bleeding woman who touched Jesus’s robe and was healed. Like me, you probably filed it away into the “miracle category” of your Bible knowledge.

A few years ago after reading Jesus-Centered Life ( ) by Rick Lawrence I started looking at the Bible in a completely different way. I slow down, take my time, and pay ridiculous attention to Jesus. I ask myself “why” more and look for the parts of the story that weren’t written. This process often brings to light new discoveries.

I recently attended my first More Than Me event in Boise. When I experienced what was happening in that room, and witnessed the transformation that was taking place in women’s lives, the story of the woman who touched Jesus’s robe came to mind. As I made the long drive back to Oregon that story was centermost in my thoughts.

The story begins in Luke 8:40. A leader of the synagogue whose daughter was dying threw himself at Jesus’s feet, begging Jesus to come help her. Jesus listens, then hurries to save this young girl.

As He travels along, a woman with a shameful bleeding disorder (that kept her away from society) comes up behind Jesus and touches His clothes. Power flows out of Him and heals her. Jesus stops and asks who touched Him. He calls this woman out, but not in the way we expect. He knows who it was, but He gives her the opportunity speak up and claim responsibility. When the woman admits, in front of everyone, that she was the one who touched Him, Jesus publicly calls her “Daughter,” says her faith has healed her, and tells her to go in peace. Right after this, messengers arrive and say the little girl Jesus was on his way to heal has died.

Jesus was in a hurry.
An important man had asked for His help.
A child’s life was at stake — time was short.
He knew that power had poured out of Him, that the woman had been healed.
Why did He stop?
Why did He take the time to call her out?

 Jesus could have continued on His way knowing that the woman’s physical ailment was healed, that the miracle was accomplished. He could have made it to the little girl before she died. He could have prioritized what seemed like the more important thing.

 But Jesus knew that the woman would never be able to go on and live out her purpose unless He also healed her shame. That in order to do that, what had been hidden in the dark had to come out into Jesus’s big beautiful life-giving light. A place where darkness could live no more.

 More Than Me is about women stepping out boldly and audaciously and living out their purpose. In order for that to happen we must first shed our shame and drag everything hidden in the dark out into the light. We do that in community. Safe, life-giving community.

 A safe place without judgement is a rare find in today’s world. That’s why when you see it — and experience it — you feel as if you’ve just witnessed a miracle.

 Jesus is giving us the opportunity to be the light for others — to give other women the opportunity to bring their darkness to us so we can partner with Jesus to shine light on it. He’s also calling us sweetly and gently, “Daughter, come out into the light so that I can give you peace.” Join us as we partner with Jesus to bring light, peace, and purpose to women.

 Join us as we focus on what Jesus is calling us to become.

 Becky Herrington is a marketing professional who acts as a chief marketing officer for small to medium size startups with multi-million dollar revenue potential. She co-hosts the popular podcast Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus and is an influencer for the More Than Me Movement with Tiffany Smiley. Follow @BeckyJHerrington or


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