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Angela Zatopek

Walking as a Christian today, life can easily get confusing. You truly are the company you keep, and you must ask yourself, “Is the life I am living consistent with the legacy I want to leave behind”?

Being Audacious Like Children

Jesus constantly pointed at Children and said, “look, what they’re doing right there–that’s what the Kingdom of HEAVEN looks like.”

Erin Hultgrenn

“I make lists for EVERYTHING. I think I even have lists for my lists.”

Erin Hultgrenn

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” – Acts 2:46

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Erin Hultgrenn

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” – Acts 2:46

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As women we have a tendency to isolate. We are so good at helping others (our special superpower) that we often forget that we need connection, community, and personal growth. After I helped my husband come back from devastating war wounds this isolation took on a whole new meaning. I felt more alone than I ever had. It was not until I connected with other strong women and began to shout my story from the proverbial rooftops that things started to change. We live in days where we are so connected, yet so isolated. More Than Me is a space to find community and connect with other authentic women who are changing the world with their stories. Join us! Join the movement and be forever changed.


Girl, More than Me is about YOU. We need your story! Please join the movement and add your voice to the pages we’re writing about the strongest women in America.


Are you a woman craving More? Join our community of authentic and ambitious women who are blazing their own trails and impacting the world around them with their God- given talents and stories!


This is a call for passionate women who want more community, more courage, more empowerment and more impact for their community and family. If that’s you, then join us for a More than Me Break-Away event!


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Sallie Holder

Sallie Holder is an experienced business coach, consultant, & trainer who inspires and empowers you to grow yourself and your business. A graduate of Vanderbilt University with a degree in...

Corina Tripon

Corina Tripon is the personal and business growth coach behind the brand Ginger Root. Her ambition is to audaciously empower women to own their gifts and rise up with tenacity in their opportunity...

Nichole Mischke

Nichole Mischke was a reporter and web/social media producer for KHQ, in Spokane, WA. Her passion is to tell other people’s incredible stories. She has seen first hand the power of sharing her own story...

Hillarie Kay

Hillarie is a wife and mother 2 boys and bonus mom to 3 boys, and is the owner of Hillarie Kay Marketing, a full service marketing agency specializing in small to medium sized business. Hillarie was raised in Central California...

Diana Henderson

Diana Henderson is the Founder and President of Diana Henderson Consulting, an executive leadership firm based in Charlotte, NC. Founded in 2016, Diana set out to solve the proverbial phrase, “It’s lonely at the top...

Angela Zatopek

Aside from currently being an on-air contributor for various networks, Zatopek just launched a new fashion jewelry line called Eleváre, which translates ‘to elevate or lift up’. Her desire is to unite people of faith...


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