our founder


Tiffany is the co-founder of Hope Unseen, Founder of More Than Me, a public speaker, writer, news contributor and a believer in the power of sharing your story to change the lives of those around you. She has been featured on Fox News, CBS, Dr. Phil Show, Wall Street Journal and many more. Her passion is to provide women with the space to grow, connect, and step into their purpose to make a positive impact.

our mission

More Than Me is a movement to inspire women live out their purpose, truly understand their infinite worth and find meaningful community. Through story sharing, nation-wide events and connection with experts who can propel us upward, we hope to prove to every woman who has ever felt alone, that together we are more.

about us

More Than Me is about women. It’s about empowering women all over the nation to live more purposeful lives, no matter where they find themselves. In my experience the best way to encourage, equip and empower women is by showing them that they are not alone. Because let’s face it, whether you’re a CEO, stay-at-home mom, politician or anything in between, we could all use some more community in our lives.

More Than Me will inspire and encourage women to step into their God-given talents and gifts through story. We will consistently bring you real-life stories from women who have overcome hardship, pain and who have navigated life’s most treacherous paths. We will provide tools for self-improvement, healing, and growth through workbooks and journals that help us plot out the next chapter. We will connect you with the best life coaches, business strategists, and services to help you stay inspired. Lastly, More Than Me conferences will be held all over the country to unite women, encourage new friendships, relationships, and to hear and share stories on a real-life platform.

Girl, More than Me is about YOU. We need your story! Please join the movement and add your voice to the collective story we’re writing about the strongest women in America and BEYOND!

Are you a woman of influence in your community? If so, we need audacious women just like you to help cultivate an inclusive and empowering community where women are celebrated and supported to rise.