About More Than Me

our mission

More Than Me is a community to inspire women to live out their purpose and truly understand their infinite worth. Through story sharing, nation-wide events and connection with experts who can propel us upward, we hope to prove to every woman who has ever felt alone, that together we are more.

our founder

Tiffany Smiley has spent years motivating and elevating those around her, inspiring them to find their true purpose and own their true worth. She is no stranger to defining moments; those experiences that force you to grow in ways you could never imagine. And through these experiences, she truly came to discover the importance of sharing your story and the power in knowing you’re not alone.

Tiffany’s specialized approach to tackling obstacles head-on has helped men and women across the world rise above the seemingly insurmountable to achieve their most ambitious goals–from entrepreneurs fiercely transforming their vision into reality to c-suite executives driven by global excellence.  

Through her speaking to major corporations, non-profits and civic groups, Tiffany’s inspirational, resilience-based teachings provide invaluable tools that break through the status quo and lead to extraordinary results.

Strategic Advisory Partner


Laine Siklos has been with us from the very beginning. She believes in More Than Me and our mission to reach and provide community to as many women as possible. 

Laine Siklos is formerly Chief of Staff at LionTree, where she reported to the Founder and served as a member of the firm’s Management Committee. She joined LionTree in August 2012, shortly after its inception, helping to grow the firm through its critical, first, 5+ years (through June 2018). Ms. Siklos focused on establishing the Office of the CEO and his executive strategy, firm operations and structural processes, client development and engagement, global philanthropy, govt/political initiatives, international expansion, special events, and media relations. 

Her primary relationships and project experience bring together the most sophisticated, senior executives in entertainment, media, technology, and finance. She has managed business operations throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas for c-suite leadership.

 Laine resides between Silicon Valley and New York City with her husband and 2 young children. She is a valued member of More Than Me and we cannot thank her enough for the wisdom she brings to our strategic growth. 

P.S. If you really want to know why Laine is such a powerhouse for More Than Me, ask Tiffany how they met!