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Podcast: Episode 3
Elizabeth De Moraes: Girl Take That Sweatshirt Off Your Butt

We all have something about us that we don’t like; A gap in our teeth, kissing thighs, or maybe unshapely unshapely arms. We work hard to hide our “flaws” from people. Refusing to wear tank tops, turning our head so that the camera gets our good side, or putting a sweatshirt around our waist.

We’re hiding because we think it says something about WHO we are. That it shows our inward limitations on the outside, and it’s holding us back. This beautiful conversation with Elizabeth De Moraes reveals what happens to the shape of things, when we take the sweatshirt off and let people see us fully.

Elizabeth is on a mission to make women feel more beautiful and confident with her video glam cam kit that takes the guesswork out of online videos:

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