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Podcast: Episode 13
Natasha Hemmingway, Community

We were designed with a purpose in our hearts to live out with boldness and without fear in our hearts. We know this because the Bible says it. But for anyone out there boldly going all in for your dreams, you are shaking your head as you stand buck naked in the streets ad shaking in your boots trying to make it all work. That’s why God gave us community. So that we could borrow belief from our brothers and sisters when we were afraid. To turn on the light when things got dark and to have a joyful and full life with.

Join Becky and Natasha as they compare and contrast their childhood community and how despite their differences Jesus is fulfilling the deep longing for community in the same way.

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Becky Herrington is the co-host of Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus Podcast, Biola Graduate and lover of all things Jesus. She’s the founder of BH Marketing Firm and also Podcast Recipe, helping podcasters launch and level-up their podcasts. Follow her on Instagram @BHMarketingFirm