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Podcast: Episode 7
Nichole Miesche, Being Set Free From Shame

Shame is one of the most powerful emotions it leads us into complete isolation and captivity because it’s ultimate message is “if people really knew me, they would reject me.” The combat boot to shame is vulnerability. It’s the antidote to setting us free. When we risk vulnerability with people who are safe we have the opportunity to step into the best version of our lives.

 We get an invitation to build and live a life that we LOVE. Join us this week as Nichole unpacks the journey she took to revealing the part of her that was most vulnerable to other people and how that shift from isolation set her into her passion and purpose.

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 Host Becky Herrington is the co-host of Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus Podcast, Biola Graduate and lover of all things Jesus. She’s the founder of Becky Herrington Marketing and also Podcast Recipe, helping podcasters launch and level-up their podcasts. Follow her on Instagram @BeckyJHerrington