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Podcast: Episode 6
Diana Henderson: Women Jesus Encountered, Part 1

Join us this week for a monthly treat as we dig into the Bible with storyteller extraordinaire, Diana Henderson. At the start of each month we will be choosing a story of a woman that Jesus encountered to slow down and pay closely to the way Jesus empowered women.

This week we’ll be diving into the story of the woman who Jesus healed of shameful bleeding. We’ll look at how Jesus loves to invite us into the story of our own healing and the gentle way that he’s calling our hearts toward him.

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Host Becky Herrington is the co-host of Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus Podcast, Biola Graduate and lover of all things Jesus. She’s the founder of Becky Herrington Marketing and also Podcast Recipe, helping podcasters launch and level-up their podcasts. Follow her on Instagram @BeckyJHerrington